BULLITT and the Legend of Captain Cook's Gold

Directors:  Richard Gonzalez

Screenwriter:   Richard Gonzalez \ S.E. Sergeant

Genre:  Action Adventure


Bullitt moves to the other side of the Island (Kona) and has split from his longtime girlfriend Rebekka. He is enlisted to find a missing Professor who is linked to discovering the Legendary lost Gold of Captain Cook.

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BULLITT and the Mystery of the Devil's Root

Directors:  Richard Gonzalez \ Rockwood

Screenwriter:  Rockwood  \ Richard Gonzalez

Genre:  Action Adventure


When long time friend and informer, Louie D. Gimp is murdered, Bullitt (Richard Gonzalez) is on the case to find his killer. Lani Paige (Mary Croix) Bullitt's assistant, realizes she is being followed by a mysterious stranger (Shawn Lathrop), who turns out to be a suspicious FBI agent with an agenda of his own. The plot thickens when a beautiful woman (Camie Richno) hires Bullitt to find her father. Things heat up when Bullitt gets too involved with the case and his client. To make things worse, Bullitt learns the man he was hired to find, Doctor Armando Florez (Rockwood) is a mad scientist looking for world domination and he is the man who killed Louie.

BULLITT and the Curse of the Blood Ring

Directors:  Richard Gonzalez \ Rockwood

Screenwriter:  Rockwood \ Richard Gonzalez

Genre:  Horror, Action Adventure


In order to stop a Vampire's murderous rampage; Bullitt, a paranormal investigator must find and return the blood ring to its rightful owner before everyone he knows and loves is killed.

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Directors:  Richard Gonzalez

Screenwriter:  Richard Gonzalez - Rockwood - Karen Rose

Genre:  Family


After being accused of murdering his former girlfriend, a private investigator stumbles onto a secret government project that is creating super soldiers. In order to find her killer he must expose the project as flawed.

Water Girl

Directors:  Richard Gonzalez

Screenwriter:  Richard Gonzalez \ Karen Rose

Genre:  Thriller​


A young girl is left at a Mexican orphanage by her father who is involved in human trafficking.